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I have excellent news everybody!! I have signed a contract with the Mobile Bookseller today. Our books can be brought into their stores now. We will be doing this as an extension to our Urban Emporium contract, so if you have not signed up with that and want to please get with us. It is $15 additional a year, and all that is for is to cover our rent of $7.50 – $10 a month at the Urban Emporium to host our books.

If you have published books, this is a GREAT opportunity to get your books out there. If you haven’t signed up to be a part of this, PLEASE consider it. We have the ability to price our own books, so even if you have a publisher that gives you little to no discount, you can increase the price a bit so you’re not losing money on each book. Don’t expect to make a lot of money by doing this. This is more about EXPOSURE. We can justify the higher price by having you SIGN each copy of your book. We are ordering gold stickers that say, “Autographed Copy” to put on our books at the Urban Emporium & Mobile Bookseller.

Here is the contract details for each:

Urban Emporium: Members in good standing will be able to sell their books through the MWG at Urban Emporium, a retail shop on Dauphin Street in their Mobile Makers section. Urban Emporium will take 25% of the sale price, and 2.5% for credit card transactions. If the organization sells less than $100/month, the fee MWG pays per month is $7.50. If we sell over $100, the fee is $15. They are open 6 days a week, plus during special events. They encourage we come during art walks with a table set up outside (No Peddlers license required). (4-5 Copies of each of your books recommended for in store)

Mobile Bookseller: Members in good standing will be able to sell their books through the MWG at Mobile Bookseller, a used bookstore on Govt & Azeala still labeled as the old “Book Rack” in the corner. Mobile Bookseller will take 40% of the sale price. There will be no monthly fees. Please bring some book flyers/postcards for the short shelves on the rack we donated them for the short shelves. (3 copies of each of your books recommended for in store)

If you are a member in good standing, and have paid the Urban Emporium fee from last year, please get with me about getting your books into the Mobile Bookseller. The owner, Melanie, is wanting them ASAP so fill the shelves and post information about local author books on facebook BEFORE Christmas.

If you aren’t part of our MWG Extended Distribution program. ($15 yearly fee). PLEASE consider it. It is a great opportunity for exposure, and showing our books to people that may not have heard of us.

Mobile Bookseller:

Urban Emporium:


Craig A. Price Jr.
MWG President

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