MWG Newsletter December 2015

I want to welcome you to our forth meeting of our season. Our meeting will be this coming Thursday, December 3rd from 6-8 PM at the West Regional Library on Grelot road. I look forward to seeing everybody and continue to get to know everyone. I am new this year as President, and I have many exciting things planned for this upcoming year.

This Thursday’s meeting is titled “Kid Lit 101” Join us as MWG vice president and SCBWI Local Liaison Carrie Dalby Cox takes us through the basics in the world of children’s literature. Carrie will cover what differentiates books in all age levels including baby, picture, easy readers, chapter, middle grade, and young adult with examples from all categories. Her debut novel, a young adult historical titled FORTITUDE (Anaiah Press, Surge imprint) releases on December 8.

Please remember to bring cash or check to renew your membership and for our new donation raffle. Remember, tickets will be $1 each and you may buy more than one. This month the book we will be raffling is “Let’s Get Digital: How To Self-Publishing and Why you Should” by David Gaughran. This is the best novel for authors considering Self-Publishing or have already began their Self-Publishing adventure. It is an excellent read with facts about Traditional vs Self-Publishing. Even if you are die-hard Traditional, you should really read this book, it will open your eyes to what the differences really are. I will speak a bit about it at the start of the meeting, and if you are interested in it please buy a few raffle tickets to see if you can win it. Remember, the donations for these tickets are going to our Mobile Writers Guild cards, the cost of the books, and to help us bring a New York Times Bestselling author to Mobile.

Remember, this year we are recording all of our meetings, and I hope to find a way to make my voice and our speakers heard easier through the room. If you are a member and missed a meeting or want to go back and listen to one of our meetings, you can get the private address from us where you can do that. We also have most of the audios from last season as well if you want to go back and listen to any of them.

Our Critique groups have started. We are having them on the third Thursday of the month. If you haven’t signed up, please do so. We have created a private Facebook group as well as email for all of us to stay connected.

Special Member Opportunity

Our arrangement with the Urban Emporium in downtown Mobile is up and running! Here are the details: Members in good standing will be able to sell their books through the MWG at Urban Emporium, a retail shop on Dauphin Street in their Mobile Makers section. Urban Emporium will take 25% of the sale price, and 2.5% for credit card transactions. If the organization sells less than $100/month, the fee MWG pays per month is $7.50. If we sell over $100, the fee is $15. They are open 6 days a week, plus during special events.

This is a stupendous opportunity to showcase members’ books. To participate, you must be a current member, and pay an additional fee of $15/year to help us pay the rental space at the store. If you are interested, please bring up to five copies of your book(s) to the meeting and your checkbook. We will also need an electronic copy of your author bio and photo–please send to [email protected].
We have two contracts with the Mobile Bookseller and hopefully the owner will come up with a decision soon so we can have our books represented there as well.

Member News:

Our Vice-President, Carrie Dalby Cox, has her book available for Pre-Order. It is titled, Fortitude, and its official release is December 8th, 2015.
Our President, Craig A. Price Jr., has recently released his novel, The Crimson Claymore, on November 14, 2015.

We will have a box of writing magazines by the back table that were donated to us, feel free to grab any that interest you.

We hope to see everybody there, and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone once again.

Remember to bring snacks for the group if you can, we will have snacks in the back.

Bring copies of your books as well to put on our display table – who knows, you may sell a copy.

Join us at:
West Regional Library
5555 Grelot Rd,
Mobile, AL 36609
(251) 340-8555

6-8 PM in the meeting room on December 3rd.

See you there!

Craig A. Price Jr.
Mobile Writers Guild

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